Welcome to Veselo Selo

The Veselo Selo Folk Dancers meet most Saturday evenings at:

The Unitarian Universalist Church / 511 S. Harbor Blvd., Anaheim CA / from 7:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.
Dances tunes are selected and played by a volunteer programmer who tries to incorporate as many requests as possible into the evening's schedule. We enjoy dances of all types from around the world - line, circle, solo, and couple dances - from the very easy to the most complex. There is always something for everyone!
(Members Saturday donation is $5, non-members $6. Special events, with live bands, are $10 per person.)

New Years Eve Party


Our Calendar

May 2019

May 4th Shana reviews Kune (Bulgaria)

May 11th All request

May 18th Diane teaches Yaffo

May 25th Diane teaches Sheleg al Iri


June 2019

June 1st Veselo will be Dark and carpools suggested to attend Statewide in Claremont.

June 8th All Request Night

June 15th 49th Anniversary Party / VESELBA will be playing.

About Us

We are a casual, drop-in group. No need to make any long-term commitments, or even to attend for the entire evening. With exception of special events, and sometimes even then, dress is casual - please dress comfortably and never let worry about dress stop you from coming. Check us out and find a whole world of wonderful new rhythms, dance steps, and friends! Join us for an evening of folk dancing. It'll be fun!

Contact Us

For further information:

Lu Perry (President) 714-828-2581 for general information.

Our Facebook Group Page

Veselo Selo now has a Facebook group page, that was set up by the late Anna Gajicki, to reach out and let people know we are here dancing. Please join.